Dec 03 2018

Bartender 2.0: Robots Sling Drinks in this Vegas Bar

At the Tipsy Robot bar, AI-programmed machines augment staff to deliver a next-generation night out.

Are there any jobs robots won’t steal? In Las Vegas, two AI-powered robots work in place of human bartenders at the Tipsy Robot, a bar in the Miracle Mile Shops.

Patrons order using Apple iPad devices affixed to the bar or via an app on their phones. The AI built into the bots interfaces with the bar’s IT ­infrastructure — processing payments, enabling data analytics about customer demographics and popular drinks and remembering prior customer orders.

Humans still work at the bar in other capacities. In fact, they’re hiring more people to help operate the bots. The point is to create a unique customer experience, owner Rino Armeni says.

“The robots are here to be an ­attraction and entertainment,” he told The Los Angeles Times.

They’re even programmed to “dance” when music is playing and they’re not making drinks. They’re also cheaper than humans because they don’t spill, steal or make mistakes.

The Vegas establishment is believed to be the only land-based bar with robot bartenders, but the Royal Caribbean cruise line is doing the same thing on at least four of its ships. The company reports that the robots can make two drinks per minute and up to 1,000 per day.

Not bad. But how good are they at listening to your problems?



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