Dec 10 2018

3 Questions to Kick Off Your Data Center Storage Journey

Before diving into a solution, make sure your business is on the right track with these simple queries about existing infrastructure.

These days, data is everywhere, but where — and how — businesses store it can make all the difference when it comes to actually using that data effectively.

As solutions like software-defined storage emerge to aid companies in furthering their digital transformation efforts, modern storage solutions are proving key in providing the foundation and flexibility organizations need to thrive in today's hypercompetitive environment.

But how can IT teams be sure they're choosing the data center storage solution that's a right fit?

Choosing the right data storage solution among a complex stew of technologies often boils down to these three basics.

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1. How Much Help Is Already on Hand?

Before deciding on a storage solution, take a hard look at how much upkeep it will require, says Roysons IT Director Vipul Bosmiya. If an IT staff is small, going for time-tested technology can pay off in terms of reliability and simplicity.

“I want solutions to be 100 percent reliable,” he says. “If I’m not here, I want to have that peace of mind that it’s going to work and they’re not going to be calling me all the time.”

Bosmiya recommends getting extended support contracts for hardware, so you can call on help when there’s a problem.

2. Are There Legacy Systems to Support?

Backward compatibility with legacy hardware and applications is essential. Most companies will not (and cannot) rip out all of their infrastructure as part of a data center upgrade.

3. Are There Compliance Issues?

Data has become increasingly regulated, so where and how it’s stored matters. For example, ACI Specialty Benefits spent two years working out how to operate under GDPR, which ultimately caused it to move away from an on-premises multitenant private cloud and adopt regional cloud solutions from a range of vendors.

“Most of what we’re doing with data is driven by compliance and regulations,” says Global CIO Ryan Fay. “We now have the flexibility to set up networks based on specific use cases.”


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