Jun 09 2016

Collaboration Tools Help Workers Stay Productive Outside the Office [#Infographic]

In today’s modern workplace, users are asked to do their jobs on the road and at home. Communication tools and technologies let them do that and still maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Sending emails while stuck in traffic. Dialing into a conference call while at a child’s soccer game. Conducting a video conference while on the road.

Many modern workers likely engage in these and similar activities as they strive to keep up with their jobs and their busy lives. If businesses strategically deploy collaboration and communication tools that let workers be more productive outside of the office, they can help their employees achieve work-life balance.

Solutions such as video conferencing and portals can help connect workers in remote locations and make sure that work gets done even when a team member is out of the office. These kinds of tools not only increase productivity and make meetings more efficient, but also can make workers happier and less likely to leave a company.

Take a look at the infographic below to see how collaboration and communication tools can help users achieve a healthy work-life balance.

Read more about how collaboration solutions such as productivity tools can transform the way an organization does business in this article from BizTech. And to learn more about CDW’s collaboration solutions, visit CDW.com/collaboration.

Darryl Sebro

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