Dec 03 2012

Simply the Best Features of Windows 8 [#Infographic]

Several new features included in Microsoft's new operating system are worth crowing about.

The new Windows 8 operating system has already reached an impressive milestone, with 40 million licenses sold, according to Microsoft officials. This is in spite of the many users and bloggers who have expressed misgivings about the OS’s dual-user interfaces and the absence of the trusty old Start button.

Dot Com Infoway scoured the web and compiled the relevant data into an infographic that lists 11 of the best features of Windows 8.

Among the top items is Windows To Go, which comes with Windows 8 Enterprise and allows users to boot Windows 8 from a USB thumb drive. The Hyper-V client that comes bundled with Windows Server 2012 also made the list, and for good reason: The free hypervisor is growing in popularity with many IT shops, and Microsoft continues to build robust virtualization functionality into the product.

The Internet browser that comes bundled with Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10, is a highlight as well, according to the list. Industry reviews have dubbed IE 10 “a truly modern browser,” and with its HTML 5 compliance and touch optimizations, the browser, like the Windows 8 OS, is flexible enough for both mobile and desktop use.

Check out more Windows 8 highlights in the infographic from Dot Com Infoway, below.

Windows 8 features infographic


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