Oct 31 2012

IT Horror Stories: How Businesses Use Technology to Handle Scary Situations

Backup and disaster recovery technology can help any company get out of some spooky spots.

For anyone working in IT, one of the most blood-chilling things that happen is a network or data center outage. With many businesses growing increasingly reliant on technology to get things done, few can afford to be down and out while IT workers scramble to put the pieces of the operations puzzle back together.

Threats to IT operations can come in many forms: hackers, natural disasters or faulty equipment. But businesses that plan ahead by implementing business continuity plans and reliable backup technology can avoid any bumps in the night — or day for that matter.

A Midwest glass manufacturer suffered three to four days of downtime after an Active Directory database was corrupted. Jason Young, the IT worker tasked with implementing a new DR solution for the company, deployed a Paragon Drive Backup Server once he was able to get systems back up.

“If that situation were to arise, I’d have no problem getting this organization back up and running in a few hours, or at least getting them up to the point where they can function and work and minimize downtime,” he said.

Learn more from other businesses who wrestled with disaster recovery and backup, including a Louisiana newspaper that was able to remain operational during 2005's devastating Hurricane Katrina.