Jan 27 2012

Disaster Recovery Ready: Up and Running, No Matter What

Virtual resources are a key component of data center optimization and business continuity.

When optimizing server, network, storage and supporting infrastructures, the result is a data center that users can count on no matter what. A sweeping program of optimization will ultimately result in enhanced disaster recovery and business continuity.

In the case of disaster recovery, the mobility of virtual machines, not only within a data center but also among multiple data centers, changes the notion of standby backup.

Virtual resources, because of their mobility, turn backup sites into both backup and live production sites. That gives the organization increased flexibility and supports easier recoverability. No matter what befalls the organization’s IT environment — whether it’s a single corrupted VM or a major electrical outage — a virtual and optimized environment will allow a near-instantaneous recovery.

Because mission delivery has become inseparable from IT services, a loss of data and application services can cause operations to grind to a halt. Like silence on a radio station, even partial loss of online presence can quickly translate into lost business, harmed reputation and mission failure. In the end, avoiding such an occurrence makes data center optimization worthwhile.

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