Jul 09 2019

Managing the Hybrid Cloud

Across industries, many organizations have found that they’re able to achieve benefits such as cost savings, enhanced agility and improved business continuity by integrating their private clouds with public cloud resources in a hybrid model. A hybrid approach can provide a best-of-both-worlds experience, allowing organizations to place workloads where they are best suited, or to take advantage of additional capacity in the public cloud during periods of peak resource demand.

However, the hybrid cloud is not without its challenges. The model has evolved substantially since its debut less than a decade ago, with organizations increasingly incorporating resources from their private clouds and several public cloud providers in a multicloud approach. While this evolution gives organizations more freedom and flexibility, it can also introduce management hurdles around cost, performance, visibility and security.

By incorporating cloud management best practices and tools, organizations can ensure that their hybrid clouds will adapt with a changing IT landscape and continue to provide business value well into the future.

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