Sep 02 2015

VMworld 2015: The Next Phase of Virtualization

Server virtualization is maturing in enterprise IT as more organizations are increasingly virtualizing the majority of their environments. But the virtualization train doesn't stop there. We spoke with experts and IT leaders at VMworld to understand what they're doing to push their organizations into the next phase of virtualization. This includes things like virtual disaster recovery, network virtualization and even re-virtualization.

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    • Robert Pfannkuche, Senior Systems Administrator, National Association of Realtors
    • John Peck, Systems Engineer, Herman Miller 
    • Bernie Salvaggio, IT Technical Services Manager, Northern Safety Co.
    • Dave Winkelman, Data Center Solution Architect, CDW
    • Jerome Hernandez, Director of IT, Alliance Asset Management

Video Highlights

  • Server virtualization has had a profound impact on enterprise IT efficiency and performance.
  • The new areas and opportunities for virtualization include disaster recovery, Big Data and network virtualization.
  • Virtualization has become so common that some organizations are actually re-virtualizing to manage what is referred to as "virtualization sprawl."