Jun 07 2019

Three Challenges That Must Be Overcome for Hybrid Cloud Success

Many organizations are adopting a hybrid cloud approach to IT infrastructure that combines on-premises resources with cloud services. But simply moving to the cloud is not enough; IT leaders must strategize to overcome challenges that often arise in managing costs, addressing security threats and deploying workers with the necessary skills. At the CDW Core-to-Cloud SummIT in Las Vegas, we spoke with CDW experts Sandra Blettner, Matt Axtell and Ryan Brotherton about how organizations can handle these challenges. 

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    Matt McLaughlin, Editor, BizTech

    Sandra Blettner, Principal Cloud Client Executive, CDW

    Matt Axtell, Principal Cloud Client Executive, CDW

    Ryan Brotherton, Executive Technology Strategist, CDW

Video Highlights

  • To secure workloads in a hybrid cloud, organizations must understand the shared responsibility model.
  • Two useful ways to handle hybrid environments: developing in-house IT staff and partnering with an experienced third party.
  • Understanding consumption and utilization of resources can help keep costs under control.