Jul 13 2022

Dynamic Infrastructure Calls for Agile IT and Systems

In a world where more of our data, applications, resources and even workers are distributed, organizations of all types must build a different kind of IT infrastructure. Cloud-based applications and infrastructure play a big role in this shift, because operating in the cloud requires new systems and processes. However, with this increasingly distributed ecosystem come new and more aggressive threats that require additional vigilance.

As part of our coverage of the CDW Executive SummIT: Delivering Better Outcomes Through IT, we spoke with Tom DeCoster, vice president of managed services at CDW, about how he is guiding and advising customers as they seek to thrive and survive in this modern IT landscape.


    • Tom DeCoster, VP, Managed Services, CDW
    • Jeremiah Salzberg, Chief Security Technologist, Sirius, a CDW Company 

Video Highlights

  • Data, apps and people have become highly distributed, which means IT teams have to deal with increasingly complex operating environments.
  • While dynamic infrastructure such as the cloud can increase agility for organizations, it can also increase the threat landscape if systems aren't configured correctly.
  • Given the rate of ransomware attacks, as digital transformation continues to march forward, data breaches are likely to be more a question of "when," not "if."