Jun 08 2016

SIS 2016: Nonprofit Missions and Operations Empowered by Mobility

Mobile technology has fast become a fundamental part of a nonprofit's operations and service offerings. We spoke with nonprofit leaders at Social Innovation Summit to understand how nonprofits are benefiting from mobile technology and provide insights into how mobile fits into any nonprofit's mission. Check out more of our coverage from Social Innovation Summit 2016 to learn more about technology's potential for good.


    • Isabel Sheinman, Director of Business Development at Library for All
    • Lisa Hammitt, VP, Cloud Portfolio and Solutions Marketing at IBM 
    • Jeff Joseph, SVP, Communications and Strategic Partnerships at Consumer Technology Association

Video Highlights

  • For nonprofits that need to move at a rapid pace, mobile technology is essential to enabling quick decision making
  • Nonprofits should think mobile-first and consider about how people use the technology once it's in their hands
  • Mobile is also a powerful for advocacy and nonprofits should implement it into their grassroots activations