Aug 31 2016

VMworld 2016: IT Experts Go Mobile Mythbusting

Smartphones and tablets have quickly gone from consumer devices to mission-critical technology. And when we talk about enterprise mobility management, it goes beyond the devices themselves and delves into the management, security and optimization of mobile technology as a whole. As mobile technology has grown and matured in enterprise IT over the years, some misconceptions may have developed along the way. Also, some things that were once true about mobile technology are no longer true. We spoke with IT leaders and experts at VMworld to help bust a few mobile myths and shed light on some mobile truths. Check out more of our coverage from VMworld 2016.


    • Kathi Grumke, Solutions Manager, CDW
    • Preston Harris, Solutions Architect, Mobility, CDW
    • Jeffrey McGrath, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, EUC, VMware
    • Andrew Berenato, Director of Strategic Alliances, VMware AirWatch
    • Mike Buchholz, Network Administrator, Wixon

Video Highlights

  • Mobile devices can be operated as safely as desktop devices and in many cases, even more securely than desktop PCs.
  • Highly regulated industries that require security compliance aren't shying away from mobility and in many cases are driving innovation.
  • Enterprise mobility management solutions can help organizations of all sizes get a firm grasp on device and policy management and control.