Jan 11 2016

4 Trends Driving the Future of Shopping

As technology continues to change how goods and services are bought and sold, retailers must learn to adapt quickly.

According to Jon Stine, global director of retail sales at Intel, we are living in “a world of Guttenberg moments” — instances of innovation that, much like the introduction of the printing press in 1439, can turn entire industries upside down.

“There’s a kid somewhere in a basement or a garage right now, probably had no sleep, on his fifteenth cup of coffee, envisioning a future we cannot imagine,” Stine says. “That’s going to hit us in the next three years, and things are going to change again.”


    Jon Stine, Global Director, Retail Sales, Intel

Video Highlights

  • A retailer’s ability to distinguish by merchandising, price and place no longer guarantees success.
  • The size, purpose and value of retail stores must factor into the overall customers’ buying journey.
  • Retailers must include the role of Internet-enabled decisions in an integrated shopping experience.
  • Data analytics will drive the future of personalized offerings and digital customer interactions.