May 18 2021

RSA 2021: How to Secure Your Supply Chain Against Attacks

Supply chain attacks have become a more common occurrence that has demanded attention in recent months. At RSA 2021, we spoke with thought leaders about how to address potential vulnerabilities in the supply chain.  

View more of our coverage from RSA Conference 2021 and gain insight into how the conversation about cybersecurity is growing and evolving.


    Ryan Kovar, Distinguished Security Strategist, Splunk

    Laura Koetzle, Vice President, Group Director, Forrester

    Johannes Ullrich, Dean of Research, SANS Technology Institute

    Joe Kuehne, Editor, BizTech



Video Highlights

  • Facing a recent upswing in supply chain attacks, organizations have become more concerned with the cybersecurity of their vendors, including software suppliers.
  • Businesses need to invest in protective controls and supply chain visibility to defend against cyberthreats.
  • Managing risk in a digital supply chain is more far-reaching and complex than doing so with a physical supply chain.