May 10 2024

RSA 2024: What’s Keeping CISOs Up at Night?

At 2024's RSA Conference in San Francisco, cybersecurity leaders shared their thoughts on the prevailing trends that continue to trouble the minds of CISOs. Danielle Ruderman of Amazon Web Services, Douglas McKee of SonicWall, Dale Zabriskie of Cohesity and Audra Streetman of Splunk expressed their concerns about generative AI, staffing issues and the need to build a culture of security throughout organizations. 

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    Danielle Ruderman, Senior Manager, Worldwide Security Specialists, Amazon Web Services

    Douglas McKee, Executive Director of Threat Research, SonicWall

    Dale Zabriskie, Field CISO, Cohesity

    Audra Streetman, Security Strategist, Splunk

Video Highlights

  • Cyberattacks are inevitable, so recovery and business continuity weigh heavily on the minds of CISOs.
  • When it comes to staffing issues, it's not just about numbers. It's equally important to make sure cybersecurity teams have the skills needed.
  • The burden of securing cyberspace can be shared across organizations, and leaders should learn from the experiences of their peers through programs such as AWS CISO Circles.