May 14 2024

RSA 2024: Why Cyber Resilience Is Just as Important as Cyberdefense

At 2024's RSA Conference in San Francisco, cybersecurity leaders highlighted the importance of a sound cyber resilience strategy in today's shifting threat landscape. Buck Bell of CDW, Audra Streetman of Splunk and Dale Zabriskie of Cohesity agreed that the current threat landscape requires organizations to plan for recovery so they can minimize operational downtime. 

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DISCOVER: How a cyber resilience strategy can help minimize downtime and ensure business continuity.


    Buck Bell, Executive Vice President, CDW

    Audra Streetman, Security Strategist, Splunk

    Dale Zabriskie, Field CISO, Cohesity


Video Highlights

  • The real value of cyber resilience is in how it enables an organization to react more quickly to an incident. 
  • In a truly cyber resilient environment, an organization can bounce back from an incident even stronger than before.
  • To become resilient, security and infrastructure staff must work together to understand assets from a data perspective.