Jun 07 2019

How Strategic Use of IT Infrastructure Supports Business Outcomes and Innovation

Organizations that base their business strategies on their IT capabilities are making a mistake. Instead, business objectives and innovation should determine what IT investments an organization makes and how it implements resources. At the CDW Core-to-Cloud SummIT in Las Vegas, we spoke with IT leaders and CDW experts about how organizations are shaping their IT decisions to deliver the greatest business value. 

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    Moosa Matariyeh, Manager of Cloud Platform Solutions, CDW

    Maxx Lobo, Senior Vice President of Platform and Cloud Services, IAC Publishing

    Matt Axtell, Principal Cloud Client Executive, CDW

    Ellen Kirby, Manager of Technical Operations/Senior Enterprise Architect, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings

Video Highlights

  • Involving development and operations teams together can speed creation of new applications. 
  • To truly achieve digital transformation, IT infrastructure must align to business operations.  
  • Identifying the best architecture to meet business needs can help organizations gain an advantage over their competitors.