Jul 07 2015

HMSHost's Network Upgrade Speeds Services to Travelers Across North America's Airports

HMSHost is the world’s premiere provider of restaurant services in airports, serving the 20 busiest in North America. When it needed to future-proof its network so that it could provide scalable services both for restaurant operations and to support customer demands, it partnered with CDW for WAN and app optimization tools from Citrix and WatchGuard. See how together they retooled the company’s network infrastructure so that HMSHost is ready to meet travelers’ and airports’ needs still on the horizon.


    • Paul Garcia, Senior Director of Infrastructure, HMSHost
    • Sarah Naqvi, CIO, HMSHost
    • Adam Martin, Field Account Executive, HMSHost
    • Alison Hearne, Senior Account Manager, CDW
    • Tyler Brooks, Senior Manager, Network Services, HMSHost 

Video Highlights

  • Business travelers are often early adopters of technology and in order to service them, HMSHost needed to upgrade its technology to keep up.
  • With its new network in place, HMSHost is able to guarantee 99.9% uptime.
  • The network upgrade has improved the reputation of IT within the organization significantly.