Jul 27 2021

Full Session: Release Bottlenecks in Your Infrastructure

The move to remote and hybrid work has increased the demand on many organizations' infrastructure. In this CDW Tech Talk, learn how to shore up your data center and defend a multicloud environment.

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    Gary Gumanow, Ethernet Sales Enablement Manager, Intel

    Susan Bobholz, Director of Solution Marketing for the Ethernet Product Group, Intel

    Sarah Kent, Security Assessment Specialist, CDW

    Ricky Ribeiro, Editorial Director, EdTech Magazine

    Dwayne Alton, Executive Director, Technology Operations, School District of Lee County

    Keara Dowd, BizTech Editor and CDW Tech Talk Host

Video Highlights

  • Over the past 18 months, organizations have had to adapt their infrastructures to handle the sheer amount of data being created.
  • Applications are now contending for bandwidth, and that competition calls for new protocols and greater network flexibility.
  • Multicloud approaches are a viable option for many organizations, but companies should verify that they have a business need to take on the inherent complexities.