Mar 11 2021

Full Session: How Next-Gen Networking and Customer Service Can Improve Your Infrastructure

With more devices than ever able to connect to a given network, wireless technology is no longer just a game of finding the fastest speeds. While 5G and Wi-Fi 6 can modernize your networks, they’re ultimately relevant for different reasons. Learn how these technologies can help to improve your infrastructure and how technology can meet customer service needs. Find full coverage of the CDW Tech Talk Series here, and register for the next webcast here.


    • Scott Stanton, Senior Director, Americas Enterprise Networking, Cisco
    • David Chapman, Vice President of Sales, West Region, CDW
    • Matt McLaughlin, Associate Editorial Director, BizTech; Host, CDW Tech Talk Series

Video Highlights

  • The motivations driving network upgrades have shifted toward density and reliability.
  • 5G and Wi-Fi 6, while built on different technologies, offer complementary benefits to businesses.
  • Customer service is increasingly becoming differentiated by technology.