Jun 17 2022

Cisco Live 2022: How Collaboration Tools Can Make Hybrid Work More Inclusive

Hybrid work has introduced new levels of convenience for many employees. But it's critical to be mindful of potential inequity when some employees are working from home and others are working remotely. With innovative collaboration tools, employers can level the playing field and ensure equal participation for all employees.

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    Rocky Grubb, Solution Architect Team Lead for Collaboration, CDW

    Lorrissa Horton, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Webex Calling and Strategy, Cisco

Video Highlights

  • Hybrid work, in its ideal form, should offer employees the same experience whether they're working remotely or in the office.
  • Cisco's Webex suite offers calling, messaging, events, meetings, asynchronous video and polling features to help include remote workers.
  • Innovative tools, such as virtual whiteboarding and holograms, enable equitable collaboration.