Jun 08 2023

Cisco Live 2023: How Cisco Is Elevating the Guest Experience at Sports and Entertainment Venues

When fans attend a sporting or entertainment event, they now have elevated expectations of the venue's connectivity, security and technological enhancements. Using data analytics and modernized apps, venues can provide new capabilities that are reshaping the fan experience. At Cisco Live in Las Vegas, Cisco's Ken Martin shared some of the ways the company is transforming the fan experience at stadiums and venues around the world.

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    Ken Martin, Managing Director of Global Sports, Media and Entertainment, Cisco

Video Highlights

  • The amount of data being transmitted during a professional sporting event has skyrocketed, taxing the networks and cybersecurity of many venues.
  • Technology is being used by modernized stadiums to provide better parking, concessions, digital signage and enhanced apps.
  • One of the most persuasive reasons for team owners to invest in modern technology and infrastructure is the impressive return on investment.