Jun 12 2018

Cisco Live 2018: Intent-Based Networking Offers Flexibility and Innovation

The networking world is becoming software-defined. Cisco's intent-based networking paradigm allows organizations to translate business intent and needs into network policy and actions. We spoke to IT leaders from REI and Montana State University about how they are using software-defined networking capabilities to transform their networks. Intent-based networking allows them to innovate faster and prepare their networks for the future.

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    • Jerry Sheehan, CIO, Montana State University 
    • Rich Russell, Senior Network Engineer, REI 

Video Highlights

  • Cisco's intent-based networking approach gives organizations a flexible, software-defined networking platform that allows them to innovate. 
  • Montana State University is able to deliver networking capabilities to researchers in shorter time frames.  
  • REI is using its network to prepare the way for Bluetooth Low Energy beacons in its stores.