Jul 02 2019

The Challenges of Managing Workloads in Multicloud Environments

For IT departments monitoring public and private cloud environments, as well as existing network systems, juggling these workloads can be a challenge. But today, as more organizations move to the cloud, allotting for portability and visibility in cloud environments can ease these growing pains. 

Thought-leaders in the tech industry have identified solutions — “single pane of glass” monitoring, increasing the technology operating near workloads — that can make multicloud environment more sustainable. Enterprise Strategy NetScout’s Russ Currie, Cisco’s Fabio Gori and Veeam’s Danny Allan discuss how their organizations are helping to lead this effort.


    • Russ Currie, Vice President, Enterprise Strategy NetScout 
    • Fabio Gori, Senior Director Cloud Solutions Marketing, Cisco Systems 
    • Danny Allan, VP Product Strategy, Veeam 

Video Highlights

  • It's easy for IT departments managing multiple cloud environment, as well as legacy network systems, to become overwhelmed. 
  • When migrating to multicloud environments, it's important to ensure workloads are both portable and offer high visibility to IT managers. 
  • Cloud environments require businesses to hire IT managers with specific skill sets who can ensure the health of the cloud workload.