Running workloads on a mix of platforms is more complicated, but also more powerful.
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The Defense Never Rests

Jeetu Patel, leader of Cisco’s security business, discusses the emerging technology that will aid organizations’ protective efforts — and the tech they’ll need to defend against.


The Bad Guys’ New Toy

Three leading CISOs discuss the future of cyberdefense in the artificially intelligent future.

Tech Tips

Cold Comfort

Solving serverless application problems can be a tricky challenge. Here are four steps to resolve it, including identifying cold start issues.

IT Futurist

Incoming Call: Outer Space

Satellite-supported cellular service has the potential to eliminate coverage gaps in rural areas, but there are technical hurdles to it getting off the ground.

Get Smart

Safe and Sound

Employees want to use their own devices for work, and it benefits organizations— as long as solid security policies are enforced.


Safe Spaces

This virtual security appliance secures as many as 50 assets, no matter where they’re located.


Virtual Reality

From automation to security, software-defined data centers can benefit businesses.


Keep Them Smiling

This customer relationship management tool promotes efficient service and streamlines internal processes.



The Best of All Worlds

The benefits of mixing public cloud with internal data centers or private clouds include increased flexibility, computing power and scalability.


Fact Finders

Awash in data, businesses deploy sophisticated analytics to organize, integrate and visualize information — all in search of insight.


Fast Forward

Mall operator Westfield and agribusiness Nature Fresh Farms are among those seeing faster data speeds at a lower cost with SD-WAN.


The Heart of the Business

As businesses look for the best data center option, some choose on-premises technology, if they have low latency requirements.


Contributor Column

Find the Balance

Bots aren’t your company’s biggest security problem; people are.

Contributor Column

Where the Journey Begins

As businesses plot digital transformations, they should start with what they know about their customers.