There are plenty of DR options, but service-based solutions offer several advantages.
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Safe in the Cloud

This next-gen software is tailor-made for small businesses that do much of their work in the cloud.


Light Yet Resilient

This new notebook builds powerful features into an impressive ultraportable laptop.


Justify the Change

For tech leaders who need to sell executive teams on the digital tools that drive business success, Harvard Business School professor Suraj Srinivasan has some important news.


One Charger to Rule Them All

The E.U. may be responsible for simplifying electronic life.

Tech Tips

Contain It

Containerization is sweeping the world of DevOps, but admins still know little about it. Here’s how to start using the original container tech, Docker.

Get Smart

Stay Connected

As Skype for Business nears its end of life, it’s time for businesses to consider how they can switch smoothly to a new communication platform.

IT Futurist

Dressed for Success

From exoskeletons to virtual reality, the workplace is entering the wearable era.

Tech Tips

Do More With PsExec

This popular command-line tool allows administrators to run code remotely. Here are some advanced tips for getting even more out of it.

Fact or Fallacy

Don’t Let Up

The burden of securing networks stays with the business regardless of workload location. Plus other cloud security myths busted.


High Density

The new standard has important implications for businesses.



Playing Offense

No single tool can do it all, so integrating multiple solutions enables proactive security.


Big Data, Big Results

Today’s scalable analytics tools are helping companies of all sizes get ahead.


Foundation for Transformation

The cloud isn’t for everyone. For some businesses, on-premises infrastructure upgrades simplify management, accommodate growth and improve the end-user experience.


From the Editor

Be Ready for Anything

Too many organizations consider DR outside of data management — and put it off.

Contributor Column

Four Problems, One Solution

In a multicloud world, a consistent hybrid approach is key to success.