Alaina Percival leads a nonprofit organization that aims to propel 1 million women into technology careers by 2019.

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Simple Solution

The tiny desktop device offers small businesses with limited desk space big power and security features.

The Business of IT

A Vulnerable Side

As large enterprises build up their cyberdefenses, opportunistic hackers see unprepared small businesses as soft targets.


Office Upgrade

Microsoft Office 2016 features the right mix of cloud, collaboration and sharing tools to power small business.

Tech Tips

Urgent Upgrade

As Microsoft ends support for SQL Server 2005 in April, users must upgrade or face serious risks.

Best Practices

Safe Inside

Even after hackers breach a network, IT managers can still fight to mitigate damage and force invaders out.


Metrics Matter

Clear metrics on the performance of IT will help small businesses compete with bigger rivals.

Best Practices

Perfect Position

A new crop of ultra-accurate GPS devices could deliver a host of location-based benefits.



Optimal Solution

Organizations that optimize their data centers to improve performance and become more energy efficient also save money and space.


Better Together

Businesses share their journeys to better collaboration between employees, customers and partners.


Eyes Wide Open

With cyberthreats evolving, businesses must adopt network solutions to monitor suspicious traffic.


At the Intersection of Broadband & Main

High-speed networks spur economic development in Hudson, Ohio and Chattanooga, Tenn.


Fashion Forward

Footwear company rolls out the cloud-based version of Microsoft Office to reduce the administrative burden on IT.


From the Editor

The Everywhere Office

Smartphones, tablets and video conferences essentially create today’s office anywhere.

Contributor Column

Shadow IT Rising

The technologies behind the greatest advancements in business also create serious complexity challenges.