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Summer 2015


As companies virtualize IT infrastructure, they create more manageable, effective and cost-efficient data centers.

Advanced persistent threats continue to wreak havoc across global networks, so the National Restaurant Association is sinking its teeth into new tech to stay secure.

Frictionless collaboration capabilities give companies the power to connect, communicate and collaborate seamlessly.

Thanks to an abundance of hardware options, business wireless networks can solve many problems. Finding the right solution depends on the problem they’re trying to solve.


Retailers have a new pint-sized weapon to lure shoppers into brick-and-mortar stores and away from e-commerce competitors: beacons.

As organizations move toward paperless workplaces, Adobe Document Cloud offers a trustworthy alternative to the time-tested signature.

The MakerBot Replicator 2X requires more skill to operate but builds both strong and intricate objects at acceptable speeds.

Businesses looking for ultra-portable computing solutions now have stick PCs to add to their arsenal.

Migrating to Microsoft Office 365 can seem daunting, but one way to ease the pain is to add user accounts in bulk.


Cloud computing has surpassed critical mass, but many small businesses still wrangle with what functions to migrate and how to measure the benefits.