Jun 10 2015

5 Tips for Small Businesses on Facebook

Facebook announced this spring that there are now more than 40 million active small business pages on the social network. But showing up is only half the battle. Here are tips to better engage with customers on Facebook:

1. Create Calls to Action

There are many brands competing for customers’ attention on Facebook. Interact regularly with followers by asking questions and offering discounts that require sign-up.

2. Host a Facebook Party

Everyone loves a party. Create events to give away discounts and other coupons for followers who join and engage with posts.

3. Be Responsive

No one likes being ignored. Respond to comments and questions on posts quickly to create and nurture strong relationships with customers.

4. Invest in Video

Facebook is a visual medium, and like photos, engagement for videos tends to be higher for text-only posts. Post short, helpful videos, and post them often.

5. Provide Local Content

Small businesses are neighborhood anchors. Create and share content that informs customers about the industries and communities around them.