Jun 10 2015

How Mobile Moves Business

In the latest issue of BizTech Magazine, discover the many ways in which mobile is driving business toward the future.

In 1966, filmmaker Bruce Brown directed a documentary about two surfers chasing waves around the world. The Endless Summer is based on the idea that if someone had enough time and money, it would be possible to follow summer around the globe, making it truly endless.

In this issue, readers will discover that a no-strings-attached attitude is the basic idea behind improved mobility in business today, where workers and customers alike can tap Wi-Fi networks from virtually anywhere, enjoying endless productivity, collaboration and connectivity, for starters.

At MassChallenge, access to fast and reliable Wi-Fi is critical to the startup accelerator’s mission of helping aspiring entrepreneurs. When the firm moved into a new building in Boston, it took the opportunity to start from scratch with its wireless network.    

“Wi-Fi is critical,” says Roman Kern, senior director of programs and operations. “What people expect to get at MassChallenge in terms of infrastructure is literally a desk, fast Internet and, I would say, coffee — so fast Internet is one of three things.” Read more in “5 Wireless Products Businesses Can Use to Optimize and Grow.”

In “3 Real-World Small Business Cloud Success Stories,” learn how Cision, a Chicago-based media and PR software provider, now supports a growing product and services portfolio thanks to new cloud-based resources. “We can be agile; we can quickly scale to meet our growing business needs,” says DeAndre Hodo, Cision’s vice president of IT.

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