The Chicago startup incubator helps entrepreneurs get the right supplies and make key connections.

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The Business of IT

A Passion for Technology

Large online reseller donates equipment, provides advice to fledgling businesses.

Tech Trends

Stand Up for Workplace Health and Safety

More organizations focus on ergonomics to improve staff health, efficiency and the bottom line.


These security solutions offer more than just convenience to businesses.


NorthRidge Church finds unified solution easier to manage, learn and teach to IT staff.


Clearing the Air

Apple’s wireless access point brings signal strength wherever a road warrior needs it.

Best Practices

Addressing the IPv6 Transition

Determine business needs and evaluate existing environments before jumping into the new communications protocol.

Tech Watch

With more traffic going wireless, small businesses can look to the next Wi-Fi standard for network relief.

Best Practices

Failsafe Firewalls

Follow these best practices to more effectively manage firewalls and improve security.


Travel Light

HP Folio 13 Ultrabook blends the best of both worlds.



Is a Startup Incubator Right for You?

For some emerging entrepreneurs, a little shelter and guidance is just what they need to get a head start.


Managing Moving Targets

IT departments at SMBs find the latest software helps them handle the growing influx of mobile devices.


Rising to the Challenge

Chicago-based company works with CDW to market itself as a full-service tech supplier to conferences and trade shows.


The Convenience of UC

The latest crop of unified communications systems offers flexibility to mobile workers and easier management for IT staff.


Community Support

Minneapolis-based organization aims to train students and midcareer professionals on the latest virtualization technologies.


Conference Room Refresh

Companies save big and improve communications by deploying advanced technologies in their meeting spaces.


Block and Tackle

By migrating to VCE Vblock, the company can scale up enterprise IT services to small and medium-sized businesses in real time.


Letter From the Editor

A Chance to Succeed

Whether it’s for students looking to break into the IT field, or an up-and-comer with a great new idea, businesspeople are ready to support the next generation.

Inside I.T.

Finding the Right Security Team

The key to success with security lies in finding common ground with coworkers and peers.

Tech On Your Side

Why Windows 8 Is Not Vista II

Microsoft’s new OS is packed with new features and users should adjust to the new interface fairly quickly.