Apr 04 2024
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3 IT Staffing Solutions That Can Help Small Businesses

As organizations grow and scale, IT staffing support can fill skills gaps and improve operational efficiency.

One of the biggest challenges today’s IT leaders face is finding enough qualified staff to fill out their teams. This is a particular concern as companies take on new digital transformation projects, expand into hybrid environments and tackle the sophisticated security landscape.

IT staffing support is a convenient and affordable solution. It allows small businesses to access the latest technologies, fill skills gaps and improve operational efficiencies. Even more, it can help small businesses focus on their core competencies while leaving the technical complexities to the experts, ultimately supporting scalability and innovation.

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Getting Started with Staff Support

If you’re looking to build a cloud team or hire for a niche role, CDW can help. In February 2023, CDW acquired Locus Recruiting, a Denver-based consulting firm. This has allowed CDW to source talent to meet the needs of our customers. CDW can provide staffing and consulting, which includes project-based staffing, and help businesses recruit and hire as needed.

Outsourced IT staffing can also be more cost-effective than maintaining an in-house IT department. And with access to the appropriate technology tools, small businesses can compete more effectively with larger companies.

To get started, your small business should arrange a consultation session with a CDW expert to determine the scope of the project. This includes the timeline, hardware requirements, preferred skill set and qualifications, and expected goals. From there, we will assess which kind of staffing solution is the right fit and calculate how many hours your project will require.

Next, you will receive a service plan negotiated for a single project (typically lasting six months). If the project shifts or grows in scope, you can opt for a master service agreement. After the contract is signed, CDW will connect the IT staff support with your small business team.

IT Staffing Option #1: Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is one solution to outsourcing IT support. CDW can bring in a team that is proficient in whatever technical areas you need to fill a skills gap.

Another option is to bring on a dedicated person on retainer who can consult with and help augment your team, so your employees gain the skills that are required to complete the project on their own. IT staff augmentation is a short-term solution, ranging from weeks to months, and is a contract-to-hire setup.

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IT Staffing Option #2: Smart Hands Services

CDW’s Smart Hands services is another option, designed to help IT leaders with tasks that include basic installations and complex configurations. The services cover a variety of needs, including client device provisioning, configuring network and security devices, IT asset tagging, and server and rack configuration.

Experts can customize technology to an organization’s needs and ensure that everything is tested and working correctly before it is delivered. This saves small businesses time, reduces deployment headaches and eliminates the downtime expense associated with onsite configuration.

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IT Staffing Option #3: Ad Hoc Services

For smaller, short-term projects, ad hoc services are a smart choice, allowing IT leaders to work with skilled professionals on a flexible basis. This means that as businesses scale their IT support up or down, their staffing support can also shift to align with demands.

Ad hoc services can include any combination of data, development, infrastructure, security and general IT support. Often, ad hoc services are used in custom scope projects when multiple technologies are deployed.

As small businesses grow, their IT needs can become more complex, encompassing network management, cybersecurity and data analytics.

Ultimately, these IT staffing options allow small businesses to tap into a larger pool of expertise and gain flexible support. It also frees up small businesses to focus on their core competencies while leaving the technical issues to experts.

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