Dilip Kumar, Vice President of AWS Applications, presents an Innovation Talk on generative AI and business applications in Las Vegas at AWS re:Invent 2023.

Nov 30 2023

AWS re:Invent 2023: How to Use Data-Fueled Generative AI to Drive Productivity

With newly announced capabilities, AWS enables customers to leverage generative AI to achieve their business outcomes.

As IT leaders discussed artificial intelligence throughout much of 2023, many of those conversations focused on the potential and promise of the technology. But few have offered practical ways for users to implement AI in their workflows to accomplish real-life results.

Amazon Web Services aims to change that with some of the advancements announced at this year’s AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. In particular, the capabilities added to Amazon Connect promise to “help organizations boost worker productivity, save costs, and improve customer service experiences,” according to the company’s press release.

The company announced “new generative AI capabilities in Amazon Connect, AWS’s cloud contact center that enables organizations of all sizes to deliver better customer experiences at lower cost. Powered by large language models (LLMs) and other foundation models (FMs) available through Amazon Bedrock, the latest Amazon Connect enhancements include new generative AI capabilities that expand on the service’s existing machine learning (ML) features to transform how companies provide customer service.”

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AWS AppFabric Supports Increased Productivity

In addition to the AI capabilities included in Amazon Q, the company is leveraging enhancements to AWS AppFabric to help customers boost their employees’ productivity.

In an Innovation Talk session at the event, Dilip Kumar, vice president of AWS applications, noted the software sprawl that many organizations must combat. When AWS introduced AppFabric in June, “we also announced at the same time how applications can do more, to be able to improve employee productivity,” Kumar said.

In a video demo he presented during the session, Kumar explained, “Today, employees typically switch between six to eight SaaS applications from different vendors to complete tasks, switching context constantly.” While app developers see ways in which generative AI can reduce such context switching for end users, they’re limited by data silos that exist when the generative AI doesn’t include cross-application data.

But AWS AppFabric is able to break down those silos by integrating multiple Software as a Service applications and automatically normalizing data for use across apps. “With cross-application context, developers provide a more personalized user experience that increases adoption and loyalty. End-users benefit from accessing insights they need without interrupting their workflow,” which leads to increased employee productivity, according to the demo.

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Increasing Productivity by Reducing Context Switching

Kumar noted that employee adoption was one of the goals AWS had in mind when designing AppFabric. “What's the point of having people improve their productivity if they have to learn an entirely new way to do their daily jobs?”

“If you're using a set of SaaS applications to do your job, we wanted to be able to pull in the right level of insights from the other applications and surface it in the existing application so that you don't have to context-switch,” Kumar explained. “You get the information that's necessary, and now you're suddenly a lot more productive.”

With AppFabric, these benefits are already available for Asana, Miro and Smartsheet, and AWS will be adding Zoom to the fold next. “And soon, we want to build this on a series of applications because we feel that this is one way where you can get people to be able to do the productive tasks that they need to do without the context switching they're subjected to on a daily basis,” Kumar said.

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