Sep 28 2023

Why Does Your Nonprofit Need a Help Desk?

All-hours support, expertise in IT service management, manufacturer expertise: Bringing in an IT support partner can boost your nonprofit in these ways and more.

Because many nonprofits operate remotely around the world and in different time zones, they need advanced tools to stay ahead and maintain critical uptime. But that can be hard to come by, especially when many struggle to find and retain the right IT staff, as noted by a 2023 McKinsey report.

That’s where an IT support partner comes in. A useful help desk resource, an IT support partner can help organizations handle technological issues, strategize solutions and anticipate tech needs.

It can also work in tandem with in-house experts and staffers to identify, implement and troubleshoot solutions — ultimately freeing in-house talent to focus on bringing industry-specific value to the organization.

Strategy, planning, problem-solving, expertise: These are the ultimate benefits of an IT support partner. Here are three reasons why your nonprofit can benefit from a help desk:

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1. Gain Access to 24/7 Support

An IT support partner has unlimited availability. Most nonprofits have embraced a hybrid office approach, and flexible hours are the top benefit of working remotely. An IT support partner can offer staff members support whenever they need it.

The implications of 24/7 availability also extend to attracting top talent. According to Nonprofit HR’s Talent Management 2023 survey, offering potential staffers a truly flexible schedule can be the deciding factor in whether they take the job.

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2. Radically Improve the Help Desk Experience

An IT support partner can also assist your nonprofit with more than just a standard help desk. It’s a full-service partner, an entity that understands the organization’s needs, can strategize solutions that deliver value, and then deliver on those solutions — help desk services included.

A partner seasoned in IT asset management can bolster the workflow of your entire operation and create a better digital experience. For instance, your partner might bring ITIL-certified engineers into the fold, provide expertise in solutions such as a ServiceNow services portal and offer risk-free IT change management — all of which ultimately drives productivity.

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3. Grow Relationships with Industry-Leading Manufacturers

Because IT support partners are businesses in and of themselves, they have relationships with industry-leading manufacturers. When your IT support partner has connections with companies such as Cisco and Microsoft, they’re better positioned to troubleshoot and resolve any issues with these entities’ offerings.

They may even be able to negotiate discounts or recommend cost-efficient solutions within your technology stack, based on their expertise in the field.

For nonprofits, technology is the force that makes their missions possible. With an IT support partner on board, nonprofits can direct their resources to serving their communities.

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