May 11 2023

Knowledge 2023: Enterprise Service Management Benefits Workflows

Sessions at this year’s event will showcase how ServiceNow improves efficiency and productivity for various teams within an organization.

Whether your team is working remotely, in person or in a hybrid model, it’s important that businesses can rely on efficient workflows to maximize their productivity. When teams are working more efficiently, it benefits employees and customers. Digitally transforming in this way can also drive down costs and reduce the time it takes to complete tasks.

This is especially true when teams can work together seamlessly. At this year’s Knowledge event, speakers will share their experiences using ServiceNow to facilitate these changes in the modern workplace. Taking place May 16-18 at The Venetian in Las Vegas, the event promises insights on ways IT leaders can use technology to transform their businesses.

Attendees can connect with peers and experts in sessions, trainings, experiences and celebrations. Here are some of the opportunities you won’t want to miss at Knowledge 2023:

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Prioritize Sessions with ServiceNow Success Stories and Expert Advice

Department leaders will take the stage at this year’s event to share how their organizations implemented ServiceNow’s enterprise service management platform. Attendees can fill their agendas with anecdotes and real-world examples of how the solution works across teams in an organization.

For example, Crown Castle Operations Program Manager Catey Gosnell will present with CDW on May 18 on how her team worked with CDW and ServiceNow to digitally transform the workplace in the session “People and processes first: Crown Castle teams up with CDW for transformation.”

Digital transformation can affect so many departments within an organization. “Using employee onboarding as the example, this single workflow is much more than IT getting them a laptop and access to a network,” says John Manna, senior manager of business development at CDW. “It may take five different teams: IT, HR, security, a third-party contractor for drug screening and background checks, and workplace facilities, which is not only getting them ready for access to the facilities but is able to track their use of those facilities.”

EXPLORE: Why digital experience is integral to workflow productivity.

The ServiceNow platform unifies the workflows across the five teams in the employee onboarding example to make data and information sharing more efficient. With one database, companies can manage the services they offer, the customers they support, and the assets they own and manage. To learn more about the ways the platform standardizes and automates workflows for IT, HR and other departments in an organization, conference attendees should check out sessions such as:

  • “Faster business results through immersive experiences”
  • “Unlocking the power of Workflow Automation with Erie Insurance”
  • “Streamline your IT hardware purchases with CDW’s ePro”
  • “The global current and future state of Enterprise Mobility”

Sign Up for Exclusive Networking Meetings and Evening Receptions

This year’s Knowledge event also features ample opportunities for networking and exploration. The week kicks off with the welcome reception in the Knowledge Expo at 5 p.m. May 16. Throughout the rest of the event, the Expo welcomes attendees to explore insights on ServiceNow with Creator Con, ServiceNow Ask the Experts and theater sessions.

Many of ServiceNow’s partners are also hosting meetings during the week where enterprise leaders can learn how implement the platform or scale their existing ServiceNow solution to get more out of the platform.

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After the sessions each day, many organizations are sponsoring evening events. On May 17, CDW will provide a shuttle to a 7 p.m. reception at the Hard Rock Café. Don’t miss the chance to partake in food, drinks, games, networking opportunities and panoramic views of the Vegas Strip from a private outdoor balcony.

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