May 04 2022

Knowledge 2022’s New York Event Promises Digital Transformation Expertise

ServiceNow’s annual event has sessions and hands-on demonstrations on myriad topics across a wide range of industries. Here’s what to expect from the conference.

ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2022 conference arrives in four cities in May: New York, The Hague, Las Vegas and Sydney. Additionally, the event will have a digital experience, allowing attendees to view select sessions virtually.

The conference comes to New York on May 11 and 12, along with a list of in-person sessions on transforming organizations’ digital workflow. These sessions will help IT leaders optimize their customer experience, improve their cybersecurity practices and digitally transform all parts of their business.

Attendees who travel to the New York conference will also find CreatorCon sessions, which will give them hands-on opportunities in expert-led labs. CreatorCon welcomes developers of all skill levels to take part in the demonstrations.

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Here’s what else to expect from ServiceNow’s annual conference.

ServiceNow Executives Showcase Opportunity in Keynote

On Wednesday, the conference’s opening keynote, “Making the World Work,” will frame the challenges of the past few years as opportunities for change.

Executives from the ServiceNow team will present the keynote, including Chief Innovation Officer Dave Wright; Pat Casey, CTO and executive vice president of DevOps; Erica Volini, senior vice president of partner go-to-market operations; and Mike Rich, president of Americas sales. Seth Fox, global head of digital workspace at S&P Global, and Tony Colon, senior vice president of customer and partner experience at Cisco, will join the ServiceNow leaders for the 90-minute presentation.

This session will tackle some of the biggest challenges facing IT leaders. Listeners will come away from the keynote as digital pioneers, ready to make a big impact in their organizations.

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Sessions on Forward-Looking Roadmaps and Past Successes

Other sessions at this year’s event will focus on organizations’ digital journeys with ServiceNow and what the future could look like in IT. The conference has sessions covering many industries, including financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications and more.

Accenture, Kraft Heinz, Paramount and other companies will share how they optimized aspects of their operation in partnership with ServiceNow.

Attendees interested in the future will find roadmap sessions on topics such as IT operations management, risk and compliance, human resources and web services departments, and security operations. There is even a session with tips for using roadmaps in attendees’ own organizations.

With Knowledge 2022’s offerings categorized into channels covering everything from customer experience to hyperautomation and low-code, there’s something for everyone at this year’s ServiceNow event.

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