Mar 08 2021

No Wires Necessary: CDW Tech Talk Highlights Recent Evolutions in Wireless Tech

We’ll show some of the real-world ways 5G and Wi-Fi 6 can strengthen your infrastructure.

Not too long ago, if you wanted things wireless, you had to sacrifice the speed or connection stability you might get with a wired connection.

But Wi-Fi 6 (which adds more spectrum allocations and increases throughput) and 5G (the high-speed, much-buzzed-about cellular standard) promise to change all that — and reshape corporate infrastructure along the way.

The latest installment of the 2021 CDW Tech Talk series, happening Tuesday, March 9, will help break it down. Scott Stanton, senior director for Americas network transformation for Cisco, will discuss recent innovations in wireless technology that promise to make it both faster and more efficient.

Stanton will break through the hype around 5G and Wi-Fi 6 (as well as its recent upgrade, Wi-Fi 6E) to explain potential real-world use cases for the most up-to-date wireless technologies.

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Of course, the technology is only a part of any new implementation; the customer matters as well. However, technology can augment the customer experience, with tools like automation helping to create consistent experiences across the board.

David Chapman, vice president of sales for CDW’s west region, will explore the ways technology can help create stronger customer experience outcomes.

Previous Tech Talk Highlights

Speaking of automation, artificial intelligence was a key topic of last week’s Tech Talk, which featured a speaker from Hewlett Packard Enterprise discussing the potential for the potential for AI to reshape the way we think about infrastructure.

Other recent topics covered in the 2021 CDW Tech Talk series include cloud transformation, remote work and the role of people in improving security.

Keep an eye out for more details and check out our preview of upcoming Tech Talk episodes to learn more about the webinar series.

Make sure to register for the series here, and follow BizTech’s coverage of the event here.

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