Jun 08 2018

5 Smart Software Tools for Nonprofit Donor Tracking

These intuitive technologies can help groups make the most of their online data. Learn about the key features of several products.

For nonprofits seeking to get the most out of marketing efforts and maximize gifts, deep analysis of a donor base is crucial.

Although many groups collect such information on some level, few know what to do with it. A survey of 460 nonprofit professionals found that while 90 percent of respondents are collecting data, only half are fully aware of how data can impact their mission. Thirty-one percent simply don’t know what to do with their data, the survey found. And of the nonprofit staff that do use it, just 5 percent say data drives their decision-making.

A range of software is available to help break down the complexities of the landscape — and to use the information at hand more effectively when planning and executing campaigns.

Here are some of the major functions of several customer relationship management (CRM) tools designed for nonprofits:

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1. Compile Detailed Donor Profiles with Salsa

A key feature of the donor management software: allowing nonprofits to maintain robust digital dossiers on each person who gives money or shows support in other ways (volunteering or signing a petition, for example). It also tracks when and why they chose to offer support.

Salsa CRM can also link a person’s profile to other donors or corporations for reference, add a photo for identification and keep other relevant notes. Combined with wealth intelligence software and an intuitive performance dashboard, the CRM allows evidenced-based review of which individuals to target — and the best time to reach out.

2. Neon Allows Nonprofits to Time Campaigns Strategically

A software platform specifically built for nonprofits, the cloud-based tool helps track all aspects of a donor pool. Neon CRM can separate data on individual, household and organizational gifts so users may target campaign efforts based on the needs and history of each constituent.

The software also takes the guesswork and planning out of follow-up efforts by letting administrators schedule events and reminders based on a donor’s preference and past history, a customized means to build strong relationships.

3. EveryAction Allows Nonprofits to Get into Donors’ Facebook Feeds

The CRM platform used by the National Audubon Society and the United Nations Foundation, among others, recently added a feature that allows nonprofits to integrate directly with Facebook Ad Manager. EveryAction users can target dates and budgeted cost for each campaign.

In doing so, nonprofits may also upload a list of contacts they wish to target via Facebook — with the option to exclude audience segments by donation history and other data points taken from their EveryAction personal record. A detailed report is generated after the spend is complete, allowing groups to analyze their return on investment.

4. Bloomerang Helps Nonprofits Use Data to Retain Donors

Plenty of people give money once; how do you get them to come back and do it again? The aptly-named Bloomerang was designed with that objective in mind. Engagement and retention metrics come standard on the real-time dashboard, which tracks long- and short-term data.

The software generates donor profiles after an online gift is made and allows nonprofits to automate thank-you notes accordingly. Another smart function: connecting an organization’s Twitter account for targeted social listening, which allows users to locate and link up with both current and prospective donors.

5. Customize Donor Tracking Tools with Salesforce

Getting started with CRM can be overwhelming for nonprofits without the staffing or know-how. The process is streamlined with Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack — open-source software that can be used out of the box or customized over time as a group’s goals and demographics change.

One notable way to modify efforts to each participant: Nonprofits have access to a frequently updated library of Salesforce apps that include tracking tools designed for groups such as arts organizations and houses of worship.

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