Jan 18 2017

Speed, Efficiency and Collaboration: Top #TechDreams of 2016

Explore the tech users are dreaming of this year.

A growing annual tradition, the CDW #TechDreams sweepstakes shines the spotlight on social users’ tech aspirations for the coming year. Ranging from the practical to the far-out and everything in between, we’ve curated the best posts from the campaign, broken down into four major categories. Take a look!

Workplace Upgrade #TechDreams

Visions of efficiency danced in their heads: Many users in this category longed for effortlessly functioning printers, longer device battery life, multiple monitors for multitasking, crystal clear video conferencing, enhanced cybersecurity protocols and faster machines. Here’s a sampling of the best responses:

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Next-Gen #TechDreams

These users shot for the moon to land among the stars. Users in this space want greater integration with AR and VR in their everyday lives, exponentially longer battery life, voice- and gesture-controlled devices to eliminate peripherals, and even the “BoT”—‘Biometrics of Things.’ Here’s a sample of our aim-high tech dreamers:

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Personal Powerhouse #TechDreams

New Year’s resolutions around losing weight and eating healthy are so 2000 and late. These users want to make their lives better through the magic of technology! Responses ranged from powerful, user-friendly devices to assist friends and family (or launch that long-dreamed-of project), to a cozier at-home experience through smart devices. Here’s a selection of our top responses:

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The Lighter Side of #TechDreams

Last but absolutely not least, we saw a number of tech dreamers really shooting for the moon with some far-out wishes, ranging from a robot that allows the worker to go home (and somehow still get paid) to some as-yet designed, futuristic device to mitigate cat-related tech disasters. Check out some of our top responses:

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