Mar 14 2016

3 SMB-Friendly Facebook Features

The leading social media platform is also making itself an invaluable marketing tool for small businesses.

Brands of all sizes use Facebook to connect with customers. Now, Facebook has added new features specifically aimed at wooing small businesses to take part in the social network, according to a recent report on marketing hub ClickZ. Here are some of the new SMB-friendly features:

1. Mobile Calls to Action

Facebook added bigger CTA buttons on mobile and placed them directly under the cover photo. The buttons include “Call Now” or “Contact Us” for SMBs looking to connect with customers fast.

2. Shop and Service Pages

The new shop section allows retailers to showcase their products. The services section allows service providers to list their offerings menu directly on Facebook.

3. Better Customer Support

SMBs can now indicate whether the customer will receive a response “within minutes,” “within hours” or “within a day.” SMBs can also post “Away” status messages or create automated messages.

These advances make it clear that Facebook is making SMBs a main focus of its product roadmap and strategy for advertising revenue growth.