Dec 23 2014

VMware President Carl Eschenbach Says the Software-Defined Data Center Is the Future

Leveraging software-defined infrastructure will allow enterprises to move and work at a much faster pace.

The technology that companies use is changing at a blistering pace. While companies are still considering whether to virtualize their servers, other enterprises are planning on turning their entire infrastructure into a software-defined machine.

The software-defined enterprise starts, first and foremost, with the fundamental architectural shift we are seeing in the industry: and that is the movement to a software-defined data center. And that software-defined data center can be delivered on-premise or off-premise, known in the world as hybrid cloud computing. That's where the world is going," said VMware President and chief operating officer Carl Eschenbach.

Eschenbach was one of several IT leaders who gathered to discuss the most important and needle-moving technology challenges facing businesses today, as part of CDW’s Bring IT On technology leadership series. He also touched on storage virtualization and VMware's compatibility with the OpenStack framework.

Watch more of Eschenbach 's Bring IT On talk below.