Dec 22 2014

EMC's Joe Tucci Says Choice Is a Critical Element in the Third Platform of IT

The company's chairman and CEO outlines how his company is providing IT workers with options and flexibility when it comes to building their hybrid clouds.

While the cloud is ubiquitous in IT these days, everyone seems to have his own spin on it, which often involves committing to each vendor's products and tools. But EMC Chairman and CEO Joe Tucci believes that by providing IT workers with choice, the company is in a position to best serve its customers.

“The thing we're really focused on is choice. So you can proudly use VMware and pick any cloud you want — that does not have to be a VMware cloud,” said Tucci. “You can pick VMware, and you don't have to buy EMC storage. You can buy white boxes. You can buy other storage.”

Tucci was one of several IT leaders who gathered to discuss the most important and needle-moving technology challenges facing businesses today, as part of CDW’s Bring IT On technology leadership series. This fundamental shift toward a more open and cooperative approach to IT should prove appealing to IT workers who dislike vendor lock-in. Tucci believes that providing such choices is no longer a luxury but a necessity of supporting and selling in modern IT.

“We’re trying not to lock you in, and have given you lots of points of choice, which I think is critical to be successful in this third platform of IT,” said Tucci.

Watch more of Tucci’s Bring IT On talk below.

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