Jul 24 2013

Tech-Building Superheroes, Assemble! [#Infographic]

Enterprising techies can build the device of their dreams if they’re brave enough to step up to the engineering challenge.

When speaking of our individual capacity to effect change in the world, the wise and eco-friendly superhero Captain Planet once said, “The power is yours!

In a nod to the annual geekfest that is known as the annual Comic-Con in San Diego, Texas Instruments put together a superhero-inspired infographic highlighting the ability techies have to create their own hero-inspired technology.

Think Tron-looking helmets with Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth.

It might sound hokey, but amazing tech has been created by hobbyists fooling around in garages. After all, Steve Wozniak’s Apple I was born out of meetings with the original DIY heroes, the Homebrew Computer Club.

Wearable devices present a huge opportunity for DIYers as Texas Instruments cites estimates in its infographic that predict the number of wearable devices will increase by 157 million for a total of 171 million devices by 2016.

Check out the infographic from TI below for more.

DIY Superhero