May 17 2013

Motorola’s MPM-100 Allows Almost-Anywhere POS

With this handheld device, businesses can take payments mobile.

Remember how people used to wait almost an hour at the bank to cash their checks on payday? ATMs and automatic deposits put an end to that. Today, retail stores are beginning to use mobile devices to let shoppers make payments on the spot, eliminating another time-draining activity — waiting in line to check out.

Motorola’s MPM-100 device offers such a capability to retailers, transportation companies, hotels and convention centers, says Jerry McNerney, senior director of enterprise marketing at Motorola.

“With the MPM-100, shoppers can pick out their items and a store associate will have the mobile device in hand that can handle the complete transaction using a debit or credit card,” he says.

“A fixed point-of-sale system can take time to roll out versus mobile, which can be fully rolled out in seven to nine months,” McNerney says. “Plus, the MPM-100s don’t require the same level of capital investment.”

The MPM-100 supports Bluetooth 3.0 and near field communication, which lets shoppers swipe a smartphone on the MPM-100 to authorize a payment. The device encrypts all cardholder and transaction data before it leaves the device, so sensitive payment card data stays secure during and after the transaction.

Along with its retail applications, McNerney says that the MPM-100 can be used by delivery companies and takeout food services, making it possible for customers to make payments right at their front doors.