May 23 2012

Why Small Business Is Bigger Than You Think [Infographic]

SMBs add up to big data, big purchasing power and big IT.

Small businesses may be small in size, but they make up for it with their larger-than-life impact.

SMBs have been referred to as the "engine of the economy," and according to this infographic from the Spiceworks community, they're also the uninterruptible power supply of IT. Totaling in at about 18 million SMBs worldwide, this group of organizations carries significant weight, influence and power.

Here are a few eye-popping stats from the Spiceworks infographic:

  • 197 million people are employed by SMBs.
  • $3 billion is spent on technology every day by SMBs.
  • 6.5 billion e-mails are sent by SMBs every day.
  • 185,353,532.92 gigabytes of data are being stored by SMBs.
  • 7,000,000 IT workers manage the IT that keeps SMBs running.

Check out the full infographic from Spiceworks below.

Small business isn't so small