May 17 2012

How E-Mail Fuels Small Business Operations [Infographic]

Today's small business relies on e-mail for customer engagement, marketing and overall productivity.

It's hard to imagine what work was like before e-mail arrived on the scene, but now that it's here, small businesses can't do without it.

Brinkster, a hosting company, put together an infographic outlining the ways that e-mail helps small businesses connect with customers and conduct business. However, there's a downside to the ubiquity of e-mail in the enterprise: it's become a prime target for spamming and phishing.

One way to relieve the stress and burden of maintaining company e-mail is to move to the cloud. Brinkster outlines three steps to move corporate e-mail to the cloud in its infographic, but BackOffice Associates recently shared a more detailed, first-hand account of the company's smooth transition to Microsoft's cloud-powered e-mail system with BizTech magazine.

Check out the full infographic on e-mails and small business below.

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