Feb 28 2012

Seen and Heard at the 2012 Mobile World Congress

Mobile-computing companies and experts put on a dazzling display of technology in Barcelona.

Blackberry at Mobile World Congress
Conference attendees get a look at BlackBerry smartphones and tablets at the 2012 Mobile World Congress.
Photo: Official BlackBerry/Flickr

The Mobile World Congress, put on annually by the GSM Association, is mobile computing’s big night out. Mobile device hardware and software makers, no doubt fresh from the 2012 CES, met in Barcelona, Spain, as they do every year in February, to discuss and debate the latest and greatest in mobile technology.

On the software side of mobility, with Apple absent from the show in any official capacity, Google (with its Android mobile operating system) and Microsoft (with its Windows Phone platform) both shined brightly. Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, gave a rousing speech about the power that mobile computing will unleash upon the world in the future, and the responsibility that that will entail.

“The smartphone revolution will be universal,” Schmidt says. “The web is more than a network of machines. It's a network of minds that are evolving into a global consciousness.”

Among mobile-hardware makers, Samsung had a lot to show off, including its new stylus-wielding “phablet,” the Samsung Galaxy Note; as well as an intriguing new twist on the smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Beam, which includes an integrated pico projector.

Here are a few highlights we snagged from the Twitterverse from people attending the 2012 Mobile World Congress.

Smartphone Chatter

Tablet Mania

Google/Android Keynote

Conference Thoughts


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