Dec 08 2011

Businesses Ride the Tablet Wave

Proving that tablets aren't just for play, businesses are turning to them for serious work.

Tablet PCs are becoming more popular with mobile healthcare workers because they offer full PC functionality in a convenient form factor in any situation. The same can be said for other industries, according to a survey conducted by the staffing firm Robert Half Technology, in which 49 percent of U.S. CIOs stated they will increase use and purchases of tablet PCs over the next two years.

Tablet PCs excel as tools for web surfing, and viewing images and videos — all functions that translate well for healthcare. Plus add-ons such as dictation and speech-to-text software, portable keyboards, docking stations and stylus-pen navigation all make it easier to use medical software to capture, access and transmit information.

It’s important to note that the enterprise employing tablet PCs, or any new technology investment, will be focused on the business side. Unlocking or enhancing core business apps in a mobile setting can help justify the investment, notes Matt Beagle, senior manager, enterprise sales for T-Mobile, which supplies the tablet computers and cellular services to KidsCare Therapy.

“In general, the enterprise space is looking to figure out why they need to use tablets,” he says. “Where you become really successful is when a revenue-generating application is applied to tablets. This can also open the door to significant innovation.”

Aside from healthcare, other industries are taking advantage of the tablet computing form factor and opting for a tablet upgrade, including financial services, manufacturing, restaurants, and real estate. To learn more about how businesses are using tablets, read our feature story, "How iPads Are Changing Businesses," which explores how businesses are integrating the iPad into their workflows.

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