Nov 23 2011
Data Center

The Small Business Guide to Virtualization

Understand the benefits and advantages of upgrading to a virtualized environment.

Technology is about many things, but one of its most important characterisitics is the ability to increase speed and productivity. In that spirit, server virtualization carries the torch well.

Server virtualization lets businesses deploy infrastructures faster and more efficiently, which in turn, increases uptime, security and flexibility. It also saves on space because one physical server can now host numerous virtual servers. 

BizTech magazine has server virtualization covered. In this guide, you'll find interviews with IT teams at real businesses and read their experiences with virtualization deployments. In addition to these case studies, you'll find survey results from the CDW Small Business Server Virtualization Roadmap and a story about SMBs' migration to virtualization.


Small Businesses Are On the Road to Virtualization

Server virtualization is no longer solely the domain of large enterprises.


Virtualization Case Study: Rio Grande Pacific

Server virtualization decreased maintenance and increased uptime for this railroad holding company.


Virtualization Case Study: Applied Ecological Services

This ecological restoration company found IT renewal by deploying a virtualization solution.


Virtualization Case Study: Concerro

This healthcare software firm was able to reduce the amount of time spent on maintenance.


Virtualization Case Study: Curse

Seeking more agility to accommodate its websites, Curse turned to virtualization.


Survey: The Benefits of Virtualization

Companies find important cost savings and management benefits from this infrastructure technology.


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