Apr 25 2018

Smart Retail Powers Data-Driven Insights

Retailers need better and faster data-driven insights in the evolving digital marketplace.

It’s no longer enough for stores to assess information after a shopping season and then apply their findings to changes that will boost sales in the next year. With fierce competition from e-commerce, retailers must be able to make real-time, in-context changes, using incoming data to improve both the customer experience and the bottom line. Although most stores already capture huge amounts of customer data, many still struggle to turn that information into actionable intelligence.

Enter smart retail, a fully integrated network and predictive analytics solution that helps companies optimize every aspect of their business. The solution empowers companies to capture and leverage data to improve the customer experience, streamline day-to-day operations, make better decisions and optimize opportunities.

The data analytics capabilities of smart retail empower stores to be strategic about gathering new information and creating value from data points that they may already collect, including areas such as peak traffic times, social media sentiment, conversion rate and time spent in location. To support smart retail, stores must invest in robust back-end IT infrastructure, including networking, processing and security solutions.


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